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Wow!!!! The two best dentist experiences I have ever had in my 33 years of life!!! Starting with the awesome receptionist. She is absolutely the best. Dr. Siami’s dental assistant Bianca was so sweet and comforting, even offering to hold my hand during my two cavity fills. Dr. Siami was so informative, nice and fast... all in all amazing!! Needless to say my first visit to cardinal dental was sooooooooooooo much better than expected. My second visit was for a much dreaded root canal. I was so nervous!!! However, Dr. Dziura the Endodontist there was the coolest and nicest dentist ever!! he made sure the root canal was painless and fast. I can not emphasize how AMAZING every single dentist working in this dental office is. If you get to meet the dental Hygenist, you will be pleasantly surprised... not only is she super nice, but she is so comforting and so sweet! I will continue going to Cardinal Dental for the rest of my life:)

If you are as terrified of the dentist as I was a few days ago, do not hesitate to go to cardinal Dental. I can assure you, you will not regret it!.
— Arlen M - Yelp
From the moment we walked in the door until we left after the appointment, it was clear that every employee genuinely enjoyed working there, and went out of their way to give us a positive experience
— Aaron Boehm - Google
Due to insurance and my choice, I have had 5 different dentists in the last year.I HATE dentist and I have NEVER found one that I REALLY liked or was comfortable with until I came across Cardinal Dental. From the time I made my first phone call to them, until the present, Dr Siami and the ENTIRE staff goes out of their was to be professional, concerned and caring about their patients. They clearly explain all the options and what procedure(s) is best suited for you. They do the work at the patients pace not the Dr’s. Making sure the patient is comfortable. In the last month I have visited them several times and had some extensive work done. Each and every time I received BEST treatment from the staff and Dr Siami. Most of my work is done and Im going to miss seeing Dr Siami and his staff. I feel like a made a new group of friends. If I’m in the area you bet I’ll stop by just to say hi. If you want a Amazing dentist and staff, go see Dr Siami and Cardinal Dental.
— SD Rebel - Google
I had my appointment for a regular cleaning. This was my first time at this location. The staff were very nice. My doctor was very detailed of everything. My hygienist Nora was the best! She explain the whole process and kept asking if I was fine. I had to get my gums nub during the process. This place is very clean and can’t wait til my next follow up appointment in a few months! I would totally recommend this place to everyone!
— Gurvinder M. - Yelp
I just have to say today was one of those times I was so thankful for yelp and its reviewers. We recently moved to the area and I was struggling to find a dentist with good reviews that accepted my HMO insurance but then I stumbled upon the reviews of Cardinal Dental and I called to make an appointment, the receptionist was beyond sweet and helpful and she was able to get my daughter an appointment within a couple days. My daughter was a bit nervous to go to the dentist especially with it not being a pediatric dentist but from the moment we walked in every single person was welcoming, smiling and going out of their way to make her smile and feel comfortable which made me feel so good as a mom. I can’t say enough about how nice everyone was. The girl I believe her name was Bianca that assisted the dentist and also cleaned my daughters teeth went above and beyond to comfort my daughter, make her smile, giggle and above all just made the whole experience a lot easier for my daughter and myself. It’s really nice to go somewhere that people really seem to enjoy their job and genuinely care about you. I highly recommend bringing your whole family here. We already have appointments scheduled for each of us. :)
Also a quick note about the state of the art technology they use! Pretty phenomenal and makes the whole process of seeing the dentist a lot easier and more comfortable.
Way to go Cardinal Dental!! Keep up the good work!
— Amber F. - Yelp
The reviews are right! This is a great place. Clean, efficient, pleasant, and fair prices from a friendly staff. I love it. I used so many coupons for dentists and never liked any of them as much as I do Cardinal!
— Connie B. - Yelp
I hadn’t been to a dentist in a while, so when I decided to finally make an appointment, I knew I would probably need some work done. I was a little uncomfortable about it, but was instantly put at ease when I walked through the door of Cardinal Dental. All the staff, from receptionist, to financial consultant, to all the dentists and assistants, were very friendly. They have the most advanced technology and experience, so x-rays and cleaning were done within an amazing amount of time. I ended up having to have a root canal, which I’ve never had before, and the whole experience was quick and painless. I didn’t suffer any soreness and the two crowns fit like a glove. It’s wonderful to have finally found a dentist that I look forward to seeing again in 6 months. I highly recommend Cardinal Dental. This is the first time I felt strongly enough to write any kind of review for anything. I was extremely pleased with the whole experience and highly recommend this great facility and wonderful staff.
— Nancy G. - Google
I’ve only been here twice but both times the entire staff has been so friendly and helpful from the front desk to the billing department. The dentist is soo fast and never beats up your gums. They walk you through all the steps and after care for the work being done. Also they are always willing to fit you in, in a pinch. I was able to make a next appointment no problem. 5 stars
— John L. - Yelp
Today was my first visit to cardinal dental and I am very pleased. The staff was friendly & professional. The office is very clean & modern. The equipment is all new & up to date. Adam the office manager was very helpful discussing prices & I didnt feel like I was being ripped off or pressured into getting unnecessary services or products. Nora the hygenist listened to my concerns and was gentle. I have had horrible experiences with other dentists in San Diego and I highly recommend Cardinal dental in La Mesa.
— Michelle S. - Yelp
Big-time dental phobic here - my fear / phobia of dentists goes waaaaaay back. A back tooth broke many months ago, and a couple months ago I began having extreme pain in my jaw up into my ear and down into my throat. I was able to get a prescription for a painkiller from my doctor, but the pain just kept getting worse. I knew I had to suck it up and find a dentist STAT. Cardinal Dental’s Yelp reviews were great, and they accept walk-ins and emergencies, so off I went, forcing my trembling self into the office. The entire staff, from Irene in the front to the techs and hygienists in the back, were soothing, calming, friendly, and utterly professional. Dr. Siami was gentle and kind, and in no way lectured me for my long dental hiatus, nor did he try and push additional procedures or services on me. He dealt with the problem at hand, which was my severe pain. X-rays revealed an infection in the broken tooth, so he prescribed antibiotics and painkillers and gave me my options: root canal and crown, or extraction. My choice was extraction, and Dr. Siami was totally OK with that. I know their priority is to always try and save the tooth, but Dr. Siami completely respected my decision and didn’t try and pressure me into something else. We scheduled the extraction for May, to give the antibiotics time to work. Fast-forward to today: after two courses of two different antibiotics, and a weekend of the worst pain to date, I called the office this morning to see if they could fit me in and take another look. 45 minutes later, I was in the chair, a weepy bundle of shaky nerves. The pain apparently had been stemming not only from an infection below the tooth, but from the exposed nerve. Yikes. Dr. Siami said we could try another course of antibiotics, or we could try pulling the tooth today. He was very patient with my incessant questions about the numbing, the procedure, pain, etc. He was very reassuring that it wasn’t going to be bad at all and, just wanting to be out of the awful pain, I said let’s try the extraction. He said if at any point I felt any pain, he would stop. He numbed me up with several shots, which were virtually painless because he rubbed a topical on my gums and cheek before the shots. He stepped away for a few minutes to allow the numbing to take effect, then returned to begin. I cranked up the music on my phone and squeezed my eyes shut, steeling myself against some hideous anticipated torture, but I felt absolutely no pain, just a little pressure. Literally about a minute after he began, I felt him placing gauze in my mouth - I assumed he was having difficulty getting a firm grip on the tooth and had to dry it off, but nope, he was all done. Seriously! All done! The tooth that had been tormenting my days and nights was quickly and finally out of my head! Dr. Siami and his staff really - I mean REALLY - know their stuff. I even went back to work afterwards. As I write this, it’s 9 hours post-extraction. The numbing has worn off, there is absolutely NO pain in the socket, and the horrendous pain that had been my constant companion for so long is GONE. Please - if you are suffering from a violent toothache, don’t let it kill more of your hours. Go see Dr. Siami and his amazing staff at Cardinal Dental. Life is too short to suffer when Dr. Siami and crew can fix it and make it better. THANK YOU, Dr. Siami!
— T.P. - Yelp