Dental Hygienists



 Hello, my name is Nora. I have 6+ years experience in the dental field and have worked in several capacities providing preventative and therapeutic services to the general public. I am a graduate of San Joaquin Valley College (SJVC) where I received my Associate of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene. My role as your Dental Hygienist is to provide comfortable care, a thorough assessment of findings, dental hygiene treatment planning, if needed delivery of local anesthesia, prophylactic care/debridement, combined together with patient education and oral hygiene instruction. Teeth are important to me and I take great pride in being a health care professional. This warm and caring environment is like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes.  Once you have put them on, you never want to take them off.  You'll feel this comfortable, nurturing environment when you walk through the door, by a staff that is really friendly and interested in your well being.  With Dr. Siami, as our leader, I am proud to provide exceptional dental care in an office that upholds the highest ethical and moral standards.  It is a place where I have brought my extended family and friends because the dentistry is done right.  We are sterile, we make you comfortable, our equipment is state of the art, and time is generously allotted to do an excellent job.  I am happy to come to work each day, because I am allowed to do my best work. Come in and visit.  You will feel comfortable.  I will be happy to help you have an awesome smile! 



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